Bali Blue Single-Origin Premium Coffee


Our Bali Blue coffee is Medium Roast, and has notes of Dark Chocolate, Molasses, and Brown Sugar.

All our coffees are custom roasted. Your order arrives, and is roasted within 3 business days. Coffee ships the same day as the roast, and arrives in 3-5 days. Your coffee will arrive just ahead or exactly on Peak Flavor Date!


* Grower: Smallholder farmers from Kintamani

* Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor

* Altitude: 1200-1600M

* Soil: Volcanic Loam

* Process: Hand-Picked, Wet-Hulled and Dried on Raised Beds.

* Certifications: Organic



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Bali coffee growing landscape

Bali Coffee Beans:

The highland region of Kintamani, between the volcanoes of Batukaru and Agung, is the main coffee-growing area on Bali. Many coffee farmers on Bali are members of a traditional farming system called Subak Abian, which is based on the Hindu philosophy of "Tri Hita Karana". According to this philosophy, the three causes of happiness are good relations with God, other people and the environment.[21] This philosophy, specifically 'happiness with the environment' favors the production of organic coffee, or at least the use of organic fertilizers and the lack of use of agrochemicals. The Subak Abian system is ideally suited to the production of fair trade coffee production because the Subak organizes smallholders, which is often a requirement of fair trade certification.

Unlike other parts of Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Bali coffee has a single harvest season each year—typically around July to September. Coffee production in Bali, much as Indonesia, is mainly performed by smallholders. Coffee production in Bali lacks significant backing from the government at either the provincial or national level and is therefore in need of support and professionalization.


Coffee sun drying in Bali