World map of our coffee origins


Our single-origin coffees are selected from the finest farms, the majority of which are guaranteed direct trade or relationship farms, in locations where schools and well established communities prevent the prevalence of slave labor. Human trafficking is unfortunately common in the coffee industry, and our roaster is actively on the ground in the communities they source from, ensuring these practices are not engaged by the farms they source. The flavors derived from the diversity of beans, and the climates and environments they grow in, are as varied as water and wine, and will provide you with a depth and complexity not usually available in ordinary coffee retail. We hope you enjoy your experiences with our selections.

Map of Bali     Map of Brazil     Map of Colombia
Map of Costa Rica     Map of Ethiopia     Map of Guatemala
Map of Honduras     Map of Indonesia     Map of Kenya
Map of Mexico     Map of Nicaragua     Map of Papua New Guinea
Map of Peru     Map of Sumatra     Map of Tanzania
Map of Uganda