Tanzania Single-Origin Premium Coffee


Our Tanzania coffee is Medium roast, with medium acidity, smooth body, and notes of nougat, stone fruit, black tea, with a Lingering savory finish.

All our coffees are custom roasted. Your order arrives, and is roasted within 3 business days. Coffee ships the same day as the roast, and arrives in 3-5 days. Your coffee will arrive just ahead or exactly on Peak Flavor Date!


* Region: Mount Kilimanjaro

* Variety: Bourbon and Kent

* Altitude: 1,200-2,000M

* Screen Size: Peaberry

* Process: Fully washed and sun-dried

* Certifications: AB



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Tanzania coffee in the Mount Kilimanjaro backgroundTanzania Coffee Beans:

Tanzania has a long and storied history with coffee, dating back to the late 19th century. Coffee was first introduced to the country by German colonizers who saw the potential for cultivating the crop in the fertile volcanic soils of the Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions. The Germans established large coffee estates, known as “kiliki” in Swahili, which laid the foundation for Tanzania’s coffee industry.

Today, coffee is primarily grown by small-scale farmers who tend to small plots of land nestled within the lush landscapes of the country. These farmers, often working in cooperatives, employ traditional farming methods, including hand-picking the ripe coffee cherries and sun-drying them on raised beds. By preserving these age-old practices, Tanzanian coffee retains its distinct flavors and authenticity. (Midia News Digital: (https://midianewsdigital.com/exploring-the-rich-coffee-culture-of-tanzania/))


Tanzania people around a table with coffee

Customer Reviews

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C.A. Porter
Gave it a try. So nice.

I got the link to this site on a feed and I thought I would give it a try. The prices are pretty fair for single 0rigin, and I was impressed with the coffee. I made the order on a Friday and the coffee was delivered by Tuesday, a full day before when i expected it. The beans were consistent and medium roasted, as advertised. The flavor is fantastic. While I do not have the palate of a professional coffee taster, I did not all the flavors in the description, some plum, some black tea and a beautiful finish. The cup is balanced and pretty smooth. It is not a dark coffee and does not taste anything like the heavily roasted coffee from the store. I will buy more. I would recommend if you prefer coffee for the taste of the bean rather than the taste of the roast.